Rue des Alpes


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Rue des Alpes

Around the railway station are shops with typical Swiss souvenirs like chocolate, cuckoo clocks, Swiss Army knives, musical boxes, handicrafts and Mont Blanc pens. The shops have names like Little Switzerland, Swiss Tradition and Swiss Corner.


If Switzerland is the country of luxury, then Geneva is surely the jewel on this crown. The main shopping area lies between Rue du Rhône and Rue de Rive, with uncountable chic and high brand boutiques. Geneva is the perfect city to renew your wardrobe but make sure you came with the necessary funds, because in this city quality certainly comes at a cost! You might also find yourself falling in love with the perfect watch: watchmaking is a serious matter and a true art here. If you are looking for more touristic purchases, worry not, you will also find typical Swiss things like clocks, chocolate and cheeses, all of top quality.