Café des Banques


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Café des Banques

The Café des Banques is a good choice for all those who enjoy the pleasures of life, the so called Epicureans. In a friendly atmosphere you can savour carefully prepared food and different wines, all of which strongly influenced by the French and Italian cuisine.


Geneva has a strongly built reputation as a gourmet town and deserves it without a doubt. The cuisine here is, of course, Swiss as well as highly influenced by France and Italy. But the best part is that it could probably pin down every single country in the world, as it has a restaurant for it, and here the most fastidious visitors will find restaurants to delight their taste buds. You can also enjoy local fish delicacies from Lake Geneva such as "filet de perches", "filet de féras", and traditional Swiss dishes such as cheese fondue and raclette -- ideally accompanied by some of the local Swiss and French wines.