"Smurfs" Buildings


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"Smurfs" Buildings

If you are interested in architecture you should pay a visit to the Schtroumpf Buildings (Smurfs buildings). These very peculiar buildings can only be admired from the outside, but are a real architectural pleasure and a fun thing to look for when walking around the area.

Do & See

There are glossy bank palaces along the lakeside, and picturesque restaurants serving piping-hot fondue and raclette. Geneva offers everything from gentle strolls around the antique shops in the Old Town or the impressive park by the Lake, exclusive shopping along the luxurious rue du Rhône to thought-provoking visits to the United Nations or the Red Cross. Museums and exhibitions are too many to be counted and expose a wide array from classic arts to modern and bold creations. The architecture has its share of surprises and changing neighborhood you might feel like you have entered a whole different city. Geneva is definitely a place that gives you a taste for more.