Lady Godiva English Pub


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Lady Godiva English Pub

If you believe that "a pub a day keeps the morosity away", then keep in might that another great English pub in Geneva is the Lady Godiva English Pub, ideally located in the city centre. In this bar you enjoy quizzes, food and beer as well as live music and themed nights.

Bars & Nightlife

Although Geneva is a relatively small city, there is a wide and varied range of entertainment -- probably because of its international mix of people. Many start the evening with an aperitif at one of the hundreds of bars in town and then go on to some hot nightspot. Geneva’s nightlife is unexpectedly colourful with people and music from all corners of the world. The dance floors are full of all sorts of people, Geneva jet set, smartly dressed diplomats, rockers in black leather, and trendy people just enjoying some time off.