Land Of The Ice Bears: An In-Depth Exploration Of Arctic Svalbard

12/12/2019 through 05/14/2021
12/12/2019 through 05/27/2021
Lindblad Expeditions

Land Of The Ice Bears: An In-Depth Exploration Of Arctic Svalbard
One of the grandest wildlife experiences the planet offers

Go deep into the experience of Arctic wildlife in its natural habitat––discovering and observing polar bears and the other unique creatures of the Arctic ice. This itinerary is focused on delivering that experience in exceptional depth:

  • Polar bear and walrus sightings ensured by our skilled veteran spotters
  • Arctic wildlife & natural history
  • True expedition adventure––daily flexibility and spontaneity
  • Active exploration––using kayaks, Zodiacs, hiking & walking
  • Superlative photos ops & on-board photo assistance
  • Lindblad-National Geographic expedition team to illuminate it all


Day 1 U.S./Fly Overnight to Oslo
Day 2 Oslo, Norway
Day 3 Oslo/Longyearbyen/Embark Ship
Day 4-9 Exploring Svalbard
Day 10 Longyearbyen/Disembark/Oslo
Day 11 Oslo/U.S.

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